We all use healing when we use touch to comfort another person. 
Like anything else practice makes better use of our skill. 
So please use the healing and help make someone else’s life a little better

Frequently asked questions

What do we mean by healing?

There are several variations of healing such as Laying on of Hands, Colour healing, Crystal Healing, Absent Healing and Rekki. All use the same basic principle of connecting to the Universe Life Force to pass the healing energy to the patient, which enables the patient’s own natural healing abilities to kick in. We all have the power within ourselves to make ourselves well or indeed to make ourselves unwell, using our own powerful minds. 

Is it natural?

Yes it is a natural as life itself. The healer uses the Universal Life Force, which is all around us in everything that is alive and then transmits that energy using their hands, colour, thoughts, symbols or crystals to put that energy into the patient.

Is it harmful? 

Because healing uses a natural energy it cannot be harmful and can only be beneficial. The healer will not be manipulating the patient or causing any change to the patient other than enabling their own innate healing abilities to be given a boost. It is perfectly safe to use on children and animals. It has no harmful side effects. In fact most patients report a pleasant warm sensation while receiving healing and often go to sleep. 

Can anyone do it? 

Yes indeed every one of us can heal to a lesser or greater degree. The mother who kisses and rubs a sore knee is giving healing, the person who puts their arms around someone in distress is healing, and the person who rubs someone’s temples when they have a headache is healing. 

Does the patient need to believe in it? 

No. You can send absent healing to someone who does not even know you are sending it to him or her. But if someone asks you for healing and then says they do not believe it in ask them why they wanted healing. It is wonderful to be able to prove that healing works to someone who is wary of it.

Can it cure everything?

It’s a hard lesson to learn that healing cannot cure those people for whom it is their time to pass over. However, healing can greatly aid with pain and helps enormously with the transition from this life to the next. So by giving the terminally ill person healing you will still be able to help them.


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